Morgan Dream Park

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Wilga Park Jalapeno (affectionately known as PJ)
Ragtime Oro Blanco x Eagleview Skybeau
November 2008

Well where do I start? PJ set me on my path with Morgan Horses. I was flicking through Horsedeals one Sunday afternoon (as you do) when I came across this photo of a 2 year old palomino gelding, I was not looking for another horse at the time but he called to me, so I rang and enquired. The rest is history.

PJ is my partner in crime, he is a classic morgan with his playful attitude and cheekiness, I love him dearly. He was started by Classical Dressage Trainer Peter Acton and we are currently training in this discipline. I have aspirations to do Working Equitation with PJ as well as I think it would be a fun and rewarding equestrian sport. PJ is awesome to train and enjoys interacting with people, this you will find is one of the traits of the Morgan horse, they love people.

*News Flash PJ and I are now starting endurance training, it is so much fun!