Morgan Dream Park

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Welcome to the website of Morgan Dream Park

Our boutique stud is nestled in the foothills of Lamington National Park in Canungra, Queensland, Australia. For us this venture is a dream come true which along with our dreamy horses is how we came to name ourselves Morgan Dream Park. Our registered stud prefix with the American Morgan Horse Association is Morgan Dream.

Alanna came across the breed as a chance encounter with Horse Deals magazine with an advert for a young palomino Morgan gelding for sale, Wilga Park Jalapeno or PJ as he is affectionately known. He is pictured to the right, she fell in love on the spot and purchased him and discovered what wonderful horses the Morgan breed truly are (read more about him under Ridden Morgans). She had read about Morgans in fictional books as a child and pondered about how lovely they were but had never actually had anything to do with them.

Morgans are the allrounders of the horse world competing in endurance, carriage, dressage, working equitation, show ring, saddleseat, jumping, western disciplines, eventing and just about any other field you can imagin
e. They are sensible, trainable, smart and very addictive after you experience the Morgan horse you always want more. I currently have 6 in my paddocks, all pictured below.

We are breeders of traditional Morgan horses, valuing the beauty of their baroqueness and encompassing all the qualities that make the Morgan horse what it is. We are focused on  breeding horses with amazing temperaments, correct confirmation and type with a "Splash" of colour.

We are very proud of our three Morgan mares and the cornerstone of our herd is W-B Her Royal Highness aka Queen, she was imported from Texas in the United States from MEMC Morgans in 2013. She is a Black Chestnut Splash Sabino in colour which combined with her fine breeding and type makes her a very special mare. She carries the "splash" gene which is what gives her the white on her legs and face. Splash is still very rare in the Morgan breed. When two splash genes combine together from the sire and dam a homozygous splash is created which is bascially a pinto coloured Morgan. We are hoping to achieve breeding a few homozygous and heterozygous splash horses here at Morgan Dream Park. Queen has a  Buckskin homozygous splash stallion bred by MEMC Morgans by MEMC Crown Royal in the US, photos of him can be found on her page, we are hoping to breed some more of these amazing looking Morgans using imported frozen semen from MEMC CRown Royal. We have a 1 in 4 chance of breeding a homozygous splash morgan and a 2 in 4 chance of breeding a splash morgan with one copy of the splash gene. However it is not all about colour. This is a tried and proven combination so whatever the colour of future progeny we are sure that we will always get offspring that are true to type with excellent confirmation and temperament which of course are the most important things.

An excellent and informative article of Jennifer Weske-Monroes breeding program is available to read here I highly recommend reading it if you are interested in learning more about the bloodlines I am using because whilst I am relatively new to morgans the bloodlines I am crossing are proven and tested to consistantly produce outstanding offspring.

If you would like to learn more about colours in the Morgan horse please see the Morgan Colours website.